Geocentric Model

Galileo showed that not everything in space is perfect and unchanging, and that not everything orbits the Earth or the Sun. Galileo created one of the first microscopes and was one of the first people to use the telescope as an astronomical instrument. Tycho later assigned Kepler the task of analysing his observations of Mars. Tycho’s data were accurate enough for Kepler to show, in 1609, that Mars’ orbit fits the shape of an ellipse, centred on a mass determined by the Sun and a second focal point.

Since its discovery in 1930, until 2006, Pluto was counted as the ninth planet in the solar system. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union reclassified it as a ‘dwarf planet’, and our Solar System dropped from having nine planets to eight. An Egyptian astronomer called Ptolemy (AD ) described one of the earliest ideas for how the Solar System is structured.

These claims were generally dismissed, however, and Aristotle’s cosmology remained dominant in ancient Greece. Developed certain astronomical theories and discovered that they were not consistent with observation. Instead of abandoning the theories, he deliberately fabricated observations from the theories so that he could claim that the observations prove the validity of his theories. In every scientific or scholarly setting known, this practice is called fraud, and it is a crime against science and scholarship. All unframed prints are despatched within 2-4 days via courier or recorded mail.

The way people think of the Solar System has changed many times throughout history. Niki launched her eponymous collection in 2009, quickly growing into an exciting and recognisable brand. She combines different cultural references within her designs with a focus on traditional crafts, natural materials and colour. Her studio is based in Glasgow where she designs and develops her distinctive collection of textiles and rugs as well as exclusive projects for large-scale retailers, interior designers and private clients.

However many still felt there was something not quite right about how they viewed their model. The orbits of inner planets seemed very elaborate – see the apparent orbit of the inner bodies image. Eudoxus’ model placed a spherical Earth at the centre of the universe. The Sun, planets, and stars were then placed in giant transparent spheres surrounding it. A model of the universe that has the Earth at the centre is known as a geocentric model of the universe. Tycho Brahe was an astronomer whose personal life was as varied as his astronomical one.