Dangers of Drug Lurking Health

Dangers of Drug Lurking Health

Dangers of Drug Lurking Health

Drug abuse is still a serious problem in society. In fact, if you look at the news, not a few public figures have been arrested for either distributing, possessing, and/or using narcotics. In fact, the dangers of drugs for health are so many.

Not only in Indonesia, drugs among students are also a global problem. Usually, the snare of drugs begins with trial and error. Various reasons ranging from being offered friends or social circle trends, increasing stamina, stress, and others. Well, from the “fad”, it becomes a continuation until it is finally addicted. If you are addicted, it is not easy for junkies – or drug users – to stop using these illicit goods.

The dangers of drugs for health

Drugs, whatever their form, does offer its own pleasure for a while. But behind that, the harmful effects are much greater, because it can affect the health of all body organs, including vital organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. To know more about business you can visit this site goodtimebob

For example, due to drug consumption the heart is forced to work faster and blood pressure can increase. Both of these effects have the potential to cause a heart attack. In addition, respiratory disorders such as chronic cough, lung infection,
to lung cancer. More fully, here are the serious threats of drug use to health.


One of the effects of drug use is to cause hallucinations. For example, drug users can see things or objects that don’t really exist or are not real.
This condition occurs when drugs change the way the nervous system works in the brain. Automatically, these changes can also affect drug users’ perceptions of things such as food, decision making, memory, and sexual relations.
Not a few drug users who end up committing criminal acts such as stealing to sexual deviations.


infectious Disorders of brain function have the potential to make drug users think irrationally, including in obtaining illegal drugs.
For the sake of getting the effects of drugs, some users even without thinking use syringes interchangeably with other people. In fact, these conditions have the potential to cause disease transmission through needles between users, such as hepatitis or HIV.


Some types of drugs are depressing the central nervous system and reduce body functions. This mechanism can make users feel calmer.
However, over time these effects can lead to feelings of depression. As a result, those who are addicted to drugs tend to be alone and do not want to socialize with other people. Can reduce productivity.

Multiorgan disorders

Drug use over time will further damage the work functions of various organs in the body, including the nervous system, heart and blood vessel system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, reproductive system, and other body tissues.
Various kinds of symptoms can arise from problems in these organ systems. These include headaches, nausea, vomiting, fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, diarrhea, and menstrual disorders in women.


Worst case scenario, drug abuse has the potential to cause death to its users. In addition to the direct effects of using certain types of drugs, the addiction experienced by users has the potential to cause drug use that is not in accordance with the dose (overdose), which can end up in the loss of life.
Drug abuse can have a negative impact on the function of various organs of the body. In addition, drugs can cause disturbances in thought patterns and behavior in users, which tend to be criminal and deviate from morality.

Keep in mind that while you are on drugs, your various organs continue to gradually experience damage. Commemorating International Anti-Drug Day, let’s fight drug abuse together for your health and the progress of the nation!