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An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons, usually… In this manner, an empirically inaccurate but aesthetically beautiful example of three-dimensional thinking was a key stepping stone toward our modern understanding of the cosmos. Orbiting objects (planets/moons) – summary of the connection between gravity, mass and radial distance of the orbit. This force is called the centripetal force and produces the continuous change in direction of circular motion – which means constantly changing velocity of the moon or planet etc. Are ‘human-made’ satellites that launched into space to orbit a planet or one of its moons and they also have almost circular orbit.

Approximately every 15 years, Saturn’s rings turn edge on to the Sun and the rings seem to disappear. However, it also happened in 1612, just two years after Galileo had discovered the rings. Galileo announced that Saturn had swallowed his children.

Small meteor particles completely burn up in the atmosphere, but larger ones fall to Earth as meteorites, often consisting mainly of metal or mainly of stone – the largest known weighed 100, 000 kg. It must be big enough to have enough gravity to force it into a spherical shape. There are eight planets in our solar system – listed in the table below in order of distance from the Sun. It decreases significantly, the greater the distance between the two centres of the objects attracted to each other.

Be able to compare methods of observing the Universe using visible light, including the naked eye, photography and telescopes. The discovery of these moons around Jupiter showed that celestial bodies could orbit around objects other than the Earth. In this vlog style film, he compares his ideas with Aristotle and Ptolemy, who believed the celestial model of Earth at the centre of the solar system, with the sun and other planets in its orbit. Astronomers asked that if the Earth did spin then why don’t we fly off it. Why would birds be able to fly from one position to another without flying backwards and why did the stars not move from one half of a year to another. This was before people understood about the forces of gravity and celestial motion.

Air pollution eg particulates/dust can also absorb or scatter light diminishing the quality of ANY image. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the four inner planets, relatively small and consisting mainly of rock. Since Galileo’s time many more moons of Jupiter have been discovered, and at the time of writing there are 79 known moons of Jupiter. Most are named after either the lovers, daughters, or other mythological characters linked to the Roman god Jupiter.

But when word of this invention reached the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei, he thought to use it to look at the skies. Today In Space Find out what’s new in space and astronomy. This vlog style film explores the work of Galileo Galilei around forces, and how they work. As a starter to introduce a practical science activity, you could write a simple quiz to encourage pupils to capture the keywords shown in the video. His publications meant he got into trouble with the Church at the time but his work ensured the became widely accepted after. By the time of Isaac Newton the theory had been proved and accepted as fact.