Choosing A Degree And University For Your Science Career

Virtual reality is the creation of immersive, simulated environments using computer systems. Advancements in technology has now put virtual reality in the hands of the consumer. This has created a demand for people who can develop this software and experiences in this medium.

Some countries have US-imposed restrictions on accessing content for this course. If you’re not sure you want to spend a year out from your degree a good alternative is to look for shorter stints of work experience, such as summer internships. Please tell us where you live so that we can provide you with the most relevant information as you use this website.

You will use a mixed reality application to conduct a user test, analyse and report on results. Add all that up and by the time you leave here, you’ll be a well-rounded Computer Science graduate and a specialist with standout tech industry experience. Exactly what you need to make big-name employers stand up and take notice of your CV.

All applicants for Natural Sciences are required to take the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment at an authorised assessment centre , for which you must be registered in advance. IB applicants are expected to take IB Higher Level ‘Analysis and Approaches’ for any course where Mathematics is a requirement. If this option is not available at your school, pleasecontact the Collegethat you wish to apply to directly for further advice and guidance. If you don’t have A Level Mathematics, you’re required to complete some preparatory work before the start of the course and must take Mathematical Biology as your mathematics subject in Year 1.

Both the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Geography have exciting programmes of weekly one-hour research seminars, usually by speakers from other universities, which you are strongly encouraged to attend. There is also a seminar programme run throughout the year by the student-led Arthur Holmes Society. If you are studying the relevant subjects you may receive a dual offer, specifying grades to direct entry to Year 2 as a High Flyer and also standard Year 1 entry.

A High School Leaving Certificate is not sufficient for undergraduate courses. Applicants for UG study will require additional qualifications, such as A Levels or the IB. The University also offers a range of additional financial support for students studying at Birmingham in the form of other bursaries, grants and scholarships. Please note that this programmes in this subject at Masters level require ATAS.