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Researchers from the University of Arkansas claim that fat people are seen as more interested in long-term relationships, while slim people appear to prefer flings. The futuristic glasses look like a normal pair of sunglasses from the front, but have two OLED displays hidden behind the lenses. When connected to a smartphone, these can project an ‘Imax-sized’ 201-inch virtual screen 20ft in front of your eyes, allowing you to stream films and and play games over 5G on the go.

Unicode, the group responsible for approving new emoji, has revealed the new emoji being considered for the next release. WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you quietly leave a group chat without sending a notification to other members, according to independent WhatsApp experts WABetaInfo. The researchers from the John Innes Centre in Norwich claim the vitamin D you can get from eating one of these genetically modified tomatoes is equivalent to two eggs or 28 grams of tuna.

A bill is to be introduced in Parliament in two days’ time to allow the commercial growing of gene-edited crops in England. The birds take to the skies en masse after calling out their ‘vote’, scientists have discovered.

A test for bowel cancer may help reveal signs of other medical conditions, researchers at a hospital in Tayside… Researchers have reported making a major breakthrough into the understanding of how Alzheimer’s disease progresses,… Scientists from Swansea University have made a breakthrough in diagnosing esophageal cancer via a blood test for the first… Researchers have reported findings from Nasa’s InSight mission and for the first time have begun to map the interior of a planet apart from Earth. New studies on the quality of published research shows we could be wasting billions of dollars a year on bad science, to the neglect of good science projects. Energy crisis threatens to drag on past 2030 as new nuclear plan to be unveiled today THE UK’s focus on slow-to-construct nuclear power stations – rather than faster and cheaper…

In a new paper published today in the journal Current Biology, University of South Florida doctoral candidate Christian Brown and colleagues described the aerial performance of falling wandering salamanders,… Life SciencesHomo floresiensis, nicknamed ‘the hobbit’ due to its average height of 3ft 6ins, is thought to have lived between 60,000 and 700,000 years ago. GlasgowWe reported earlier how the one-year-old Jackador dog launched into a frenzied attack against Harley as she sat playing in the sunshine in a Glasgow garden. Snapped by the Curiosity rover on Sol 3466 , the grainy image appears to show a cleanly-cut hole in a rockface.

Japanese knotweed is a devastatingly invasive plant that can leave homeowners and gardeners in a bind. Researchers from Environet have revealed the UK areas suffering the most from Japanese knotweed infestations. Their findings show that Bolton, Bristol, St Helens and Blackburn top the list as the UK hotspots for the weed. The report, by Deadline , claims that Netflix is exploring live streaming its unscripted shows and stand-up specials. Following even just one of 10 simple strategies can reduce smartphone use after two weeks, report experts at McGill University in Canada.

UK supermarket chain Morrisons recently announced it will use ‘best before’ instead of ‘use by’ dates on its milks. Germany goes into crisis mode as Russia threatens imminent end of energy supplies GERMANY has gone into crisis mode as it fears Russia could end its energy supplies imminently. ‘Subtitles for the world’ Google’s new glasses can translate speech into text in real-time GOOGLE has unveiled a concept for augmented reality glasses that transcribe speech and can… UK and US sign historic space deal together – investment set to ‘skyrocket’ TRANSPORT Secretary Grant Shapps has hailed a landmark partnership with the US that will help… Russia threatens ‘full-scale nuclear war’ as Putin furious with NATO A TOP Russian official has warned that NATO has sparked outrage by helping Ukraine, which could…

By directly measuring force, stress and pressure, researchers have revealed why liquid droplets are able to erode hard surfaces. Researchers have developed long-lasting, gel-based coatings that can prevent adhesion of everything from ice to bacteria on functional surfaces. By growing polymer chains on membranes, researchers have greatly enhanced their efficiency at removing carbon dioxide from mixed gases.

The US space agency will send the Orion capsule atop a Space Launch System mega rocket at some point this summer, possibly as early as late May. There are now three leading theories about what causes ‘odd radio circles’ thanks to the new images captured by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory’s MeerKat radio telescope. Scientists estimated for the first time the number of rays off Komodo National Park in Indonesia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the species are a tourist attraction. An international team of experts from Australia and North Carolina had to use a unique new instrument to observe clouds of neutral diffuse gas, known as Damped Lyman-α systems . MailOnline attended the opening of the Air-One vertiport in Coventry this week for a look at what the future of transport could be. Amid the news of its discontinuation, listings for iPods on eBay have surged, with many sellers asking for huge sums of money for their retro devices.