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Sign up to our newsletters and get the latest analysis, research, commentary and details of upcoming events. The UK government must use its presidency of the G7 and COP 26 summits to encourage G7 governments to lead an urgent science and innovation effort on a scale the world has not seen before. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Explore food systems sustainability jobs, opportunities and events listings. The Institute of Oceanology conducts scientific research in the shelf seas and coastal regions including the Baltic and European Arctic Seas. To update your school’s details email usdetailing the changes required.

The review I conducted for AIPI has helped me understand more deeply the important role that academies and royal societies play in supporting science in the public interest. In providing rigorous evidence on issues of national importance, academies and royal societies ensure that governments have the best information available to inform public policy. No academy can ensure that a government heeds its advice, but by presenting the evidence and making it known to the wider society, it expands policy horizons and opens platforms for public debate and indeed legal challenges in some cases. No knowledge sector in any country is complete without a well-functioning and suitably supported national academy or royal society. Led by the Royal Society as chair, the national of the G7 nations have produced three statements on net zero, biodiversity loss and data for international health emergencies ahead of the G7 leaders’ summit in the UK in June 2021. The Institute’s clients are Polish and international users of marine science and technology, the Polish community, governmental agencies, policy makers, educators and students.

“Academies provide advice based on evidence and put effort into disseminating their findings and ensuring uptake, but I would stop short of calling this lobbying.” Others, however, are not comfortable with the word “lobbying”. Roseanne Diab, executive officer of the Academy of Science of South Africa, says, “I would prefer to avoid the use of the word when discussing the policy advisory role of academies because of the negative connotations that the word carries.

This list of how to’s provides an essential guide for a number of key communication and engagement activities that will help make your research travel. The Nigerian Academy of Science is similarly moving along this path, says its president, Oye Ibidapo-Obe. “We will intensify that type of scientific lobbying in the future,” he says. In May 2021, the Royal Society will publish its definitive science priorities for an international and domestic UK climate technology roadmap.

A new law in Montenegro aimed at strengthening science and innovation for development has sparked a war of words between the country’s two science academies, including a call for the country’s science minister to be replaced. A strong science lobby would champion African science, helping it compete for funding with other government priorities. Just as importantly, it would also make sure that government promises are kept, and that public money is spent transparently on quality science.

In these videos you will learn everything from the basics of our software to the most in depth features. A range of award winning data loggers, starting with Vu+ for Primary to V-Log in secondary education and universities. We aspire to provide opportunities for every child to become a scientist. We have structured the site and populated it with material that we think will be immediately useful to this audience, but also to development researchers in general who would like to be more strategic and effective in their communications. Research to Action is a website catering for the strategic and practical needs of people trying to improve the uptake of development research, in particular those funded by DFID.