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Help and advice for pupils and parents on a range of educational and personal issues is available on nidirect, the government website for he public. How evidence is informing the design of girls’ clubs in Rwanda Improving learning outcomes for girls requires gender-sensitive, participatory, and context-driven solutions. In this commentary, we reflect on the results of a recent baseline analysis conducted for our latest pilot intervention under the Building Learning Foundations Programme – the launch of girls’ clubs in Rwanda. Our research is outward-facing, with projects that are transformative not just in the research field, but for governments, charities, industry and all levels of the educational sector. From innovations in teaching, learning, and research, to stories about our members’ achievements and their coverage in mainstream and specialist media, discover all our latest activities on our news pages.

From Monday 21 March 2022 the centre will be open Monday to Friday … Read More

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Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971

If the police find you with, the punishment that you receive will depend on the class of drug, the quantity of drugs found, where you are found and your personal history . Private drug treatment can be very expensive, but sometimes people get referrals through their local NHS. The combined effects of Regulations 8, 9 and 10 and allow a practitioner to possess and supply a controlled drug when acting in his capacity as such. Greater flexibility from NHS England in the deals agreed with the pharmaceutical industry to encourage the responsible pricing of cancer drugs.

For example, if there is an increase in the use of powder cocaine, there may not necessarily be an increase in the use of Class A drugs overall; this could occur because of users switching from one Class A drug to another. It is only when there is a significant increase in … Read More

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Definition Of Mutation

Many phytonutrients may counter the impact of mutagens; for instance, sulforaphane in greens such as broccoli has been proven to be protecting in opposition to prostate cancer. Others that may be effective towards most cancers include indole-3-carbinol from cruciferous vegetables and resveratrol from purple wine. Psoralen combined with ultraviolet radiation causes DNA cross-linking and therefore chromosome breakage.

Breast Cancer Education Toolkits

Those troubled with Williams syndrome tend to be extremely social and talkative. Often failing to achieve weight throughout infancy, they generally have delicate features.

They undergo from phobias, mental incapacity, and coronary heart defects. With modern stressors, corresponding to work deadlines, we will’t struggle or flee, and persistent stress may as a substitute lead to depression or different temper disorders. Understanding the mechanism by which continual stress results in these circumstances would possibly assist us discover new methods to stop or treat them in the future.

In exams that … Read More

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Platinum Metals Activated Cathodes For The Chloralkali Industry

In this case however, there remains a liquid phase for at least some components, while others remain as a powder in order to give a boost to the bonding between particles. Researchers designed solid-state composite electrodes based on the liquid-phase sintering technique. Apply a higher magnetic field to demonstrate that the curvature can again be increased by increasing the magnetic field strength.

Global leaders in the battery field are working to further enhance the performance of high-Ni materials as well as on the development of novel Ni-based cathode materials. With all the ongoing exciting research endeavors, together they see a bright future for Ni-based cathodes. The method of applying the noble metal coating to the nickel cathode substrate is described more fully elsewhere . A wide variety of shapes have been coated and, providing the surface can be satisfactorily sand blasted during the pre-treatment stage, there is no limit … Read More

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Astronomers Capture First Image Of Milky Ways Supermassive Black Hole

Things like dust and gas molecules colliding or rubbing against each other as they spiral inwards might emit radiation, which can then be used to map out the spacetime near a black hole’s event horizon, though not inside it. Some supermassive black holes, for example, are seen to be emitting tremendous torrents of energy as they feed on infalling material. Understanding the details of that process is “one of the major lines of black hole research” says Dan Wilkins at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, in the US, who was not involved in the new EHT research. Large clouds of gas formed by the Big Bang may also have collapsed in on themselves in the early universe to form black holes.

The harder you throw the tennis ball, the faster it is travelling when it leaves your hand and the higher the ball will go before turning … Read More

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Learn Biology Online

It begins with how the physiology and reproductive biology of plants has shaped the variety of habitats, ecosystems and biomes seen in the natural world today. Key concepts and theories concerning how these geographical patterns have been affected by complex historical and current factors will also be explored. The module continues with an introduction to ecological concepts that define how species are distributed within communities and across landscapes. It concludes with a discussion of how biogeographical and ecological principles inform global conservation strategies, and help us better understand how to manage threats to biodiversity from environmental change. Our programme starts with a foundation in animal, plant and marine biology.

A range of diseases will be examined in detail both in lectures and in case study workshop sessions. The final lecture looks at gene therapy and considers the future for treatment of genetic disorders. The practical session aims to give students … Read More

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Atoms And Molecules Make Vortex Beams

Most regions of the EM spectrum are used in chemistry to help us understand structure and processes of, molecules and reactions. The progressive diversification of the microtubule field has created the need for a strong meeting that unifies the community and brings together researchers from different disciplines interested in microtubule research. This role has been played by this conference series, which was initiated in 2010. Our meetings bring together early-career and established researchers from all over the world who are interested in fundamental microtubule biology and its impact on organism development, homeostasis and disease.

Metals atoms lose electrons to form positively charged ions called cations . Non -metals take in electrons to form negatively charged ions called anions. A covalent bond is a discrete combination of atoms, effected by the sharing of electron pairs. The splitting of atoms, also known as nuclear fission, produces radiation and radioactivity. More

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Mechanochemical Synthesis Of Sodium Carboxylates As Anode Materials In Sodium Ion Batteries

Anode cells play a dual role in the electrocoat painting process. Electrocoating is a method of applying paint in a paint bath or it’s also referred to as an ecoat tank. Electricity charges the particles to deposit paint equally onto the metallic parts, the charge is determined by voltage and current. Zinc anodes have a higher density and structural composition, so provide significantly higher impact strength in some areas. Aluminium anodes are suitable for use in salt and brackish water. Their higher electrical capacity enables them to be smaller and more compact than their zinc and magnesium counterparts.

Prebake technology utilises which are baked in very large gas-fired ovens at high temperature before being lowered into the pot. Søderberg smelters use a continuously created anode, made by the addition of pitch to the top of the electrolytic cell or “pot”. The heat generated by the reduction process is … Read More

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University Of Leeds

Sussex experts respond to the conflict in Ukraine Experts have been playing their part in broadening public understanding on numerous issues related to the war. If you’re interested in studying with us, speak to of Aberdeen staff and current students at our virtual events and meetings. Order the 2023 undergraduate prospectus Learn about our undergraduate courses starting in September 2023, hear from our current students, and get a taste of what it’s like to live in Bath. Our students, graduates and researchers are committed to making a positive impact, collaborating on projects that inspire social, political and cultural change.

We can help you develop your business ideas with our world-leading expertise and technologies. Student engagement, employability and recruitment Discover how engaging with our students through placements, projects, societies and employment can help attract and retain the talent your organisation needs. This is why we’re ranked 7th for graduate prospects … Read More

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Ultrasound Scans In Pregnancy

Top lhs is long-axis view of heart with arrows indicating direction and magnitude of movement of endocardial border. Bottom lhs shows change in volume of cavity over consecutive cardiac cycles alongside ECG and respiration. Top rhs shows radial strain-rate curves from five points selected on endocardial border while lower rhs shows longitudinal strain-rate curves from the same five points. They usually take place in a hospital radiology department and are performed either by a doctor, radiographer or a sonographer., if carried out correctly in the appropriate clinical situation, is one of the most effective diagnostic tools in healthcare. It is therefore not surprising that the use of ultrasound has increased markedly over the last ten years and continues to do so.

Once you are lying comfortably on your back, a doctor or nurse spreads gel on the skin over the area to be scanned. The probe gives off … Read More

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