10 Alternative Science Careers

Maintenance Engineer An engineering technician, responsible for ensuring the continuous running of machinery and equipment, organising routine maintenance procedures and carrying out repairs. Laboratory Co-ordinator The Laboratory Co-ordinator in the pharmaceuticals industry supervise Quality Assurance laboratory work in support of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Graduate Engineer The Graduate Engineer is a recent graduate in engineering, who provides technical advice and evaluation of operations, https://www.wikipedia.org/ with the objective of plant optimisation. Graduate Engineer A recent graduate in an engineering discipline who provides technical advice and evaluation of operations for plant optimisation . Engineering Team Manager The Engineering Team Manager is responsible for managing engineering work in a particular section of a pharmaceuticals production plant. Director Production / Technical The Director is responsible for the safe operation and production on the site and is normally the leading Site Director.

The need for relevant work experience can’t be stressed too much, whether this comes as a placement at university or vacation work. Short-term placements of between four and six months, arranged through a recruitment agency, can give you the practical experience you need and may lead to a permanent job. Many of the roles Jobs in Science deal with are suitable for recent science graduates and will provide the crucial experience and training required to start your career in science. For a range of tips and advice for your job search please visit our dedicated Advice for Recent Graduates section. There are also opportunities with NHS Blood and Transplant and Public Health England.

Nuclear Decommissioning Team Leader The Decommissioning Team Leader reports to the decommissioning Site Engineer and is responsible for the safe and efficient management of a team undertaking nuclear decommissioning activities. Medical Writer The Medical Writer is a communications experts who ensures all general and specialist published documents concerning company products are legally compliant and fit for purpose. Maintenance Technician Responsible machinery and equipment maintenance relating to the manufacture of products. They identify and correct faults in equipment, and may work in planned, unplanned or preventative maintenance.

Generous bursaries are often available for graduates training to teach a STEM subject, see funding for teacher training for more information. Quality manager- You’ll aim to ensure that the product or service an organisation provides is fit for purpose, is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. Event manager- Involves organising science-related information events or festivals for businesses, students or the general public. As a research scientist you’ll be at the forefront of scientific investigation as you plan, lead and carry out experiments in a range of different fields.

Apprentice Sign Maker The Apprentice in the Sign Making industry undertakes the duties of the skilled Sign Maker whilst learning the required practical skills and underpinning knowledge as an apprentice. The variety of people and projects make this a great sector https://www.laalmeja.com/ in which to establish a career. There is also the opportunity to use your own judgement and put your mark on things. As you might expect, the scientific industry is heavily regulated so paperwork and dealing with regulations is a large part of the job.

Research scientists are employed in the food and drink industry to develop new products and processes for the manufacture of food and equipment; food preservation and packaging. Other major industries employing research scientists include defence and aerospace, energy , electronics and the telecommunications industry. Large numbers of mainly physical scientists work to harness and develop new technologies within these industries to produce commercial products and services. Government establishments and agencies, charity research institutes and medical research institutions also employ graduates. Within the pharmaceutical industry there are varied work environments depending on the area of science you work in which can include an office, laboratory, fieldwork or an offshore oil rig.

Geoscientists study the Earth’s structure and formation, and analyse rocks to explore its natural mineral and energy resources. Electronics engineers design and develop systems for industry, from mobile communications to manufacturing and aerospace. Data scientists use software, artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse and interpret large amounts of data.

Chemical engineers develop ways to turn raw materials into everyday products. Biochemists investigate the chemical processes that take place inside all living things, such as viruses, bacteria and people. Through the NHS Practitioner Training Programme by taking an accredited integrated BSc degree in Healthcare Science . We can supply organisations in Manchester with the specialist skill-sets and qualities needed to drive their projects and research forward.